the timeline as it happens:

November 2011-January 2012: Praying and seeking about our family’s involvement with adoption
April 4.2012: Filled out international adoption registration online
April 12.2012: Filled out AWAA paperwork; paid $300 application fee
April 24.2012: Called and had questions answered by AWAA
May 4.2012: Approved for India adoption program with AWAA
May 5.2012: Paid initial placement fee of $2200
May 4-6.2012: We share with our family about this great news
May 13.2012: We share with our church family about our adoption
May 19.2012: Wrote our 2-4 page autobiographies
May 19.2012: Signed international adoption disclaimer
May 19.2012: Signed adoption agreement
May 19.2012: Signed duty of candor
May 19.2012: Signed financial disclosure statement
May 19.2012: Signed clearance questionnaire, each of us
May 19.2012: Filled out verification of residency
May 20.2012: Filled out and signed letter of guardianship
May 21.2012: Sent off for birth certificates (ordering Ben’s BC $47.95, Shauna’s BC $22)
May 21.2012: Sent off for marriage certificate ($41.36)
May 21.2012: Obtained employment verification letter from Epic Church.
May 22.2012: Accomplished live scan fingerprinting ($178)
May 25.2012: Received Ben’s birth certificate
May 28.2012: Signed reading agreement after choosing 5 books we  will read.
May 28.2012: Ordered 3 books from our list from amazon. Checked one out from the local library. Borrowed one from friend.
May 29.2012: Paid $2889 for home study and travel fee
May 29.2012: Gathered copy of marriage license, insurance cards, most recent tax documents (for past two years – first and last pages) and birth certificates
June 1.2012: Physicals complete and form notarized (Shauna $789; Ben $699; notary $20)
June 4.2012: Received letter of guardianship from family
June 11.2012: Received our marriage certificate
June 30.2012: Completed the first home study – a walk around the house and get-to-know you with social worker
July 5.2012: Paid $195 for Hague online training
July 6.2012: Started watching the 10 hours of Hague online training videos
July 11.2012: Boys had their physicals
July 14.2012: Completed the second home study – interview with us and the kids by same social worker
July 15.2012: Wow! Finished our 10 hours of Hague online training
July 21.2012: Completed the third and final home study
July 27.2012: Received finalized and approved home study from AWAA

August 1.2012: AWAA sought to register us with CARA (India’s adoption authority). We were one of the 100 applicants they received this month.

August 6.2012: Mailed USCIS I-800A form through Fed EX ($890+ $36)

August 8.2012: Mailed birth certificates, marriage certificates to be apostilled ($62.90)

August 13-15.2012: Mailed adoption packets; Posted adoption fundraising on blog ($250 for postage and printing)

August 22.2012: It’s official! We are registered and approved to adopt in India.

September 4.2012: We received our orphanage match! Northwest India.

September 5.2012: 12 documents notarized ($120); Overnighted marriage certificate to GA ($38.17); Police Clearance Letters/Mobile Notary ($50).

September 10.2012: We received apostilled marriage license in from Secretary of State in GA.

September 10.2012: USCIS biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment for us here in our city.

September 11.2012: Ben drove to Sacramento to get all of our documents (17) apostilled (state seal by the Secretary of State of California).($382)

September 11.2012: Shauna made 365 copies of the completed dossier. ($38)

September 12.2012: Mailed dossier to AWAA, overnighted through FedEx. (dossier submission = $7,335)

January 2013: A*man, AWAA in-country personnel, spoke with the orphanage staff via telephone to confirm they have our dossier

February 2013: AWAA attends CARA’s summit in Delhi

February 25.2013: AWAA calls to report that our in-country personnel will make visit to orphanage on Thursday; purpose unknown

February 26.2013: we call on people to pray believing in faith that this meeting will be for a referral. we fast.

February 27.2013: it is Wednesday in North America. it is Thursday in India. thousands are praying. others are fasting.

February 28.2013: we are weak. we are still believing God for the impossible. we wait.

March 1. 2013: AWAA calls at 830 am PST with news we have been matched with a 7 year old healthy girl named “K.” Praise God!

April 2013: Told that referral cannot be sent to us because orphanage license has expired. CARA must renew license for the orphanage before proceeding.

June 23.2013: Orphanage License Renewed. Now they should be able to send us K’s MER (Medical Exam Report), photo, and CSR (Child Study Report) via mail or email.

July 17. 2013: Received electronic copy of K’s MER, photo, and CSR {what a glorious day!}

July 20. 2013: Received 4 photos taken that day and K’s measurements and consent for wanting to be adopted via email by RIPA

August 14. 2013: Received hard copy of CSR.

August 16. 2013: Got CSR notarized. ($320)

August 19. 2013: trip to Sacramento to get CSR apostilled by Secretary of State. ($26)

August 20. 2013: copied and FedEx documents to AWAA {CSR}  and to US government {I-800}. ($37) ($127) ($9,230)

September 3. 2013: got word that RIPA received CSR. now requesting our boys to sign consent to adoption forms and we sign a Power of Attorney. got forms notarizes ($90)

September 4. 2013: Ben drove to Sacramento to get forms apostilled. Forms not notarized correctly.

September 5. 2013: Shauna drove back to Sacramento. Forms apostilled. FedEx to AWAA. ($126) ($100)

September 12. 2013: Received I-800 approval in the mail.

September 18. 2013: US embassy in Delhi confirmed through email they had received the I-800 form. They informed us we needed to complete DS 230 form. (this replaced the DS 260 form) This form will be completed at our interview in person in India. DS 230 is completed online and sent to them electronically. We had to scan our completion page and email it to them. Embassy has been quick and efficient to work with, if only briefly. Look forward to meeting them one day!

September 27. 2013: US embassy issues us the Article 5! This gives us US permission to adopt K! Article 5 is sent to CARA from the embassy.

October 8. 2013: Received K’s Medical Certificate via orphanage director and AWAA. We signed and notarized and scanned it back to them.

October 17. 2013: Got word that the Medical Certificate needs to be apostilled. Now we must go to Sacramento to get it apostilled and mailed back to India.

October 21. 2013: Apostilled K’s medical certificate. FedEx to AWAA overnight.

October 2013: Word that our dossier and K’s paperwork has been filed with the SARA and CARA committees. These committees will issue the ARC and the NOC.

December 29. 2013: Face time with Smita and Ajay (Amanda and Jeff Carroll’s kids) who were best friends with K!

January 16. 2014: Learned that Mr. P (the orphanage director) has given K our family photo book! She knows about us!

January 27. 2014: Learned that we have to update our physicals. Physicals complete on 1.28.14. Lab work complete 1.30.14. Notarized and apostilled 1.31.14.

February 7.2014: Learned we were denied K. Instead of CARA issuing us the NOC, we received a denial letter through our agency. Our agency walked us through the process of appealing the denial. Our family, social worker, and agency wrote letters to the CARA committee, pleading to overturn this denial.

March 5.2014: CARA confirmed via telephone that our appeal letters were received via email and the case is in process or will be in process.

June.2014: Dark time in our souls as we waited and sent emails and prayed and fasted. It seemed to only get darker.

July.2014: Hundreds of people praying for a miracle.

July 10.2014: Advocate from our agency went before CARA and spoke on our behalf for K.

July 25.2014: 5:38 am received phone call that CARA has overturned their decision about the denial. They have responded favorably to our appeal.

September 4.2014: ARC! (Approval from SARA- the state approval committee)

September 12.2014:NOC! (Approval from CARA – the federal approval committee)

October 14. 2014: applied in person with Cox and Kings for India visas

October 17.2014: my visa in the mail. 10 year visa granted!

November 3.2014: filed in court

November 5.2014: registered in court

January 7.2015: Ben’s visa granted. only 3 months. expires April 7. 2015. Praise God!

January.2015: addendum to home study conducted in our home

January 27.2015: first hearing and second hearing

January 30.2015: fingerprints for updated I-800 done in San Francisco; sent off for supplement 3

February 7.2015: next hearing scheduled {praying for verbal orders} DIDN’T HAPPEN

February 12.2015: meeting about our case and other cases; assigned a new judge

March 26.2015: next hearing scheduled; didn’t happen

April 9.2015: hearing happened; judge has finished training and can rule on adoption cases

April 23. 2015: another hearing; lawyer reports that everything was present that the judge needed

May 4.2015: another hearing; we passed court! Orders granted!

May 5. 2015: written orders written up

May 2015: orphanage director applied for k’s passport

May 2015: added k to our insurance


May 2015: conference call with our agency regarding travel and appointments in india