chapter 1 {the time has come}



it’s go time!

and these are the faces we made as i told ben the passport was in route!

 “no eye has seen a God besides You, who acts for those who wait for Him.”

{Isaiah 64.4}

we got a call earlier this week that her passport was dispatched from the passport office and in route to the orphanage.

it was actually the night before the boys left so it made bedtime tuck-in all the sweeter as we thanked the boys for the 1,000 days plus of prayers they have said on her behalf.


then we sent them with family to the best little island in the world to enjoy sun and sand and biking and baseball, knowing we would meet up again at this very airport!


but then we heard this morning that her passport has arrived at the orphanage!

ben worked for 3 hours this morning to secure flights

because we leave SUNDAY!

and we will be meeting our daughter next THURSDAY!

{and you know i don’t use capital letters!}

use your imagination as to all that will get accomplished between now and then!

but i haven’t waited 3 years to rush this!

i’m gonna enjoy a special date with ben.

i’m going to sing once more with my church community with her in my heart and not yet beside me.

i’m going to run to target again.

and then emotionally set aside this part of me that has longed and begged and prepared and waited.

and pick up this part of me that has been dormant out of survival mode.

the part of me that has dreamed of seeing Jesus with His arm around my little girl in a yellow dress.

the part of me that actually has a date of when my boys will embrace their sister.

the part of me that will grip my husband’s hands as we walk into the orphanage.

this part of me that is ready to breath in this brand new world!

and no. i can’t believe tickets are booked and that we’re actually going. i can’t believe it’s go time. that her passport is in and all that is left is for her mommy and daddy to pick her up and bring her home….


25 thoughts on “chapter 1 {the time has come}

  1. Oh. My. Yay! The time has come!!! I know what you’re feeling. I’m feeling it all again now just reading your post. Take those sweet steps of yours seriously, purposfully and most of all joyfully…because, of course, you are FULL of the joy of the Lord. Go get her Shauna. Go. Go. Go in God’s peace. I love you!!

  2. I think my heart is beating twice as fast after reading this. I can just feel your excitement! I will be praying for you all as the final path has begun. Congratulations!

  3. I started following your blog a few months ago when a fellow Congo adoptive momma recommended it. Thank you for allowing us to follow along in this very fun, answers-to-prayer part of your adoption. Those of us who are still in the hard work, waiting and praying part of our adoptions are appreciative. Can’t wait to read all about your first moments with your sweet girl! God bless!

    • jenni, there is such maturity in the faith in your words. i’m grateful you’ve shared them here. ten names rush my brain when i think of those who were ahead of me on the adoption journey as i watched their stories unfold. it’s always bittersweet to see someone else go to their child as you are happy for them, yet wanting so much to do the same. but i can attest, He is making everything beautiful. Your Congo adoptive momma knows that full well in the most radical way. and while we experienced delays that still don’t make sense, I’ve come to love more the sovereignty and power of God all the more. so the feeling are mutual, jenni. we need each other in this world! cheering you on too!

  4. You don’t know me but I have prayed for you and Ben and your family through this whole process. I have also shared your story with my Lifegroup at church. I got chill bumps reading this last post! I’m so excited yall finally get to meet your daughter! I will continue to pray as you embark on this journey to India.

  5. Praise GOD, from Whom all blessings flow!!! We will pray even more in this next week, that your path will be smooth and every step of your journey to join your daughter will be full of joy and the glory of GOD will be revealed. Can not wait to see Kavita in your arms!

  6. I’m in awe! I can only imagine all you’re thinking and feeling as the day approaches. How sweet! So so happy for you and your family!

  7. I’m almost speechless…not in disbelief, but in awe and wonder! I’m imagining you and Ben meeting Kavita and calling her your daughter…then bringing her HOME and meeting her brothers…sweet, sweet, sweet!
    Thanks for letting us continue this amazing journey with you!
    Praying as you go and as your family grows to 6!

  8. As I read the post this morning the chills will not stop! My inside is so full and I’m so excited for you guys! Tim and I will be praying for safe travels and prepare your hearts for the upcoming days. We will also be praying for the boys as I know they are just as excited! We love you guys!!

  9. I can’t even imagine the excitement and joy in your hearts! I also can’t imagine looking into Kavita’s beautiful eyes IN PERSON for the first time…and to hold her in your arms…wow!!! Thanking our awesome God for His grace! Prayers for safe flights, for every little detail to go as planned concerning the adoption, and for your precious daughter to not be afraid…and that she grows to trust you quickly, and to bond into this awesome family swiftly! Our hearts go with you…

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