does my light matter?

this little light of mine.

i’m going to let it shine.

let it shine. let it shine. let it shine.

harry dixon loes composed this song based on this passage in the Bible:  “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)


in comparison to this great big world {and it’s just getting bigger and i’m just getting smaller the older i become} my light seems minuscule. but i am finding comfort that it is seen and it is seen by the Spirit of the Living God. and that’s a truth for every breathing human being.

so does my light matter?

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this whole evening is being planned for every girl, young and seasoned, that calls epic home or is looking for authentic community.

your faces come to mind as our team of ladies prays and plans and get ready for such an amazing night together.

so many names are overflowing my heart as i type to invite you to come.

we see each other on sundays.

she typically sits on the same row with you.

you have kids in the same epic kids room.

you greet together.

you are in the same epic group, but want to know her more.

you love seeing her with her little one.

you so admire how she dresses! and want to know where she shops!

you are convinced you work at the same company as she does, but haven’t asked.

you wonder if someone else in your neighborhood is at epic, but how would you ever find out?

you ask, “does anyone else feel this overwhelmed here?”

you have this long list of restaurants that you must share!

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hear {using spoken words to share our adoption story}

i was deeply honored to stand where my husband stands each week.

to look into the faces of those who have cried and rejoiced with us week after week after week.

to share her name publicly.

to shed light into our faith journey to bring kavita home.

now, i want to share it with you.

for you are just as real and just as invested! and love her just as much!

click the first link to simply hear.

 click below to see and hear. i promise i’m on here. i’m just after this handsome guy!

we were able to see the written orders with our own eyes on monday
 and are awaiting news from the orphanage regarding her passport. 
please continue to pray for favor with those handling hers and our paperwork.
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