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going {what to know about your mission trip}

the outskirts of guadalajara, mexico.

the warehouses of hong kong.

the distant towns in alaska.

the trafficked girls in cambodia.

the church plants on the west coast.

the children of kampala, uganda.

the orphans in romania.

the students in china.

the athletes in south america.

going on a mission trip?

considering such an experience?

if you’ve been on a mission trip before, you can attest to the heart matter that you return home changed and hope, in some way, as to have made an impact. that’s part of the reason why you’re {going} or have gone.

shot records, visa application, packing list, emergency contact numbers are accounted for.

money has miraculously come in to fund the trip. your boss knows you’re off those days.

what else are you lacking?

an amazing team of people collectively have contributed thoughts and perspectives that i bring to you as you are {going}.


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If our city had a gate…

If our city had a gate and I knew Jesus was about to come in,

I’d be there to greet Him, to welcome Him in.

I’d thank Him for coming

Shower Him with praise – stating the obvious to the Ancient of Days.

I’d tell Jesus that I know He heals, comforts and mourns. That He sits with the outcasts, has compassion, serves, breaks the chains of sin and bondage, sets us free, and loves everyone.

I’d show Him the beautiful places – all of which He made –

The bay, the hills, the cliffs on His ocean’s edge.

The lavender, succulents, and calla lilies that grow wild.

The seals, the canyons, the overflowing fruit outside the markets, the tide.

I’d want Him to see what His people were doing –

serving in the hard places, painting nails, cooking hot meals, caring for their little ones, delivering groceries, reading to children, working with integrity, starting companies that make a difference and He’d know all that already.

I would still want to show Him believers meeting in small groups at churches, in homes, in coffee shops and playgrounds – speaking encouragement, holding one another up, celebrating, mourning, and every day living in community.

Starting conversations on the bus, giving smiles away, listening to co-workers, collaborating to bring about good change to His world, inviting others in, building relationships.

I’d want to show Him the hard places –

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scary beginnings

starting something is scary, but starting gets me somewhere and i’ve got somewhere i want to be!

this is my heart’s cry this fall. this school year. yes. that’s more like it. this school year.

because this time last year me and my beautiful daughter were looking at each other with blank stares. she, trying to learn english and her mama and numbers and calendars and clocks. and me, in way too many words, trying to explain to her english and family and values and truths.

well, we got through that. she accomplished more that we dreamed possible. and God was our Sustainer and gets the most credit. now, we’re looking in different directions!

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memorizing {spiritual discipline}

“where did i put my coffee cup?”

“i just had it.”

“oh there it is! silly me!”


“now…why did i come into the kitchen?”

“i can’t remember…”


“i needed to have been there 5 minutes ago!”


“why can’t i have one happy thought today? just one!”


our minds are always running.

multi-tasking. overloading.

cramming information in.

where do we store peace?

how do we clear our minds?

what will help my focus?

how can i ban these depressive thoughts?

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