500 and dancing

it happened just like that.

{i find myself saying that way too often.}

it happened just like that.

we hit 500 posts this week!

i wasn’t waiting on it. i wasn’t paying any attention.

i was doing what i love to do…writing. and then i looked up and saw 500.

reading that many blog entries would be like reading 25 books having 20 chapters in each.

 if you started with me in 2006, thank you. all 4 of you. very much.

if you’ve joined me here since then, thank you. there have been times when over 1500 joined me in one day.

what began as a way to keep family and friends up to date about the growing pilgreen family life has flowed into a steady stream and into the rapid current we find ourselves in today.

what began as victories of potty-training and first homeruns in the backyard is now celebrations of salvation and friendships.

it happened just like that.

life was all consuming with three littles back then.

one growing independent at the ripe ole age of four, one was toddling into laundry baskets and cabinets and the other was being formed in the womb.

the littles are bigger these days and my writing has shifted from updates for friends and family to developing my voice as a writer.

now that ever-growing social media platforms allow for instant uploads and updates,

i can give a different voice to the blog and throw in-the-moment snapshots to instagram.

regardless of when we joined this journey together, i’ve got to have you revisit post number 1.

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i’m taking the liberty of celebrating all women today on the verge of mother’s day. for we all came from our mother’s womb and have a purpose for the life we’ve been given. as women, i believe strongly that a part of the purpose is to interact with those who are steps ahead and hold out hands to those who are steps behind.

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i couldn’t wait to show steve and courtney
our city
our church
our home.
to indulge in our favorite foods.
to sit on our back deck.
to laugh so hard it hurt.
to watch a shooting star.
to zipline through the redwoods.
to challenge and encourage each other.
to submerge them into our ‘world’ if only for a few days.
to give them space to relax and recharge.
after all they are in ministry and need the escape.
you know those moments of
‘you have to be present to fully understand?’
the weekend was full of those moments.
yet, i share with you that those moments need to happen as often as possible with those that matter much to you.