memorizing {spiritual discipline}

“where did i put my coffee cup?”

“i just had it.”

“oh there it is! silly me!”


“now…why did i come into the kitchen?”

“i can’t remember…”


“i needed to have been there 5 minutes ago!”


“why can’t i have one happy thought today? just one!”


our minds are always running.

multi-tasking. overloading.

cramming information in.

where do we store peace?

how do we clear our minds?

what will help my focus?

how can i ban these depressive thoughts?

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hero boot camp {giveaway}



it’s how the kid’s tee comes packaged.

stamped made well.

international paper to get you thinking.


outside the box.

while you’re the one placing the order,

there’s something just for the kid.

because that’s what mine would want.

a treat like i used to get from a cracker jack box or box of cereal.




and not just a goodie you’d find in the toy aisle or for a gallon of tickets at chuck e. cheese,

but something that makes them think…

what could i do with this?

what if this is the only toy i had?

who could i celebrate?

how can i share this with others?



all in an effort to teach our kids {and well, us too} to think outside the box!






but i’m not stopping there. that would be “inside the box” thinking.

i do hero boot camp with my kiddos each summer.

an extremely simple and homemade intentional time with them where no one else is required to entertain and they get me with all the fun i can muster up.

because, really, that’s what you want for you kids. a childhood where mom or dad were present.

so i’m almost done writing it and will be giving the 3 day curriculum away to those who are “thinking outside the box” and have purchased a kid’s tee. so, if you have already, no sweat. it will land in your email inbox shortly! if you haven’t purchased a shirt yet, there’s still all sizes available. i’d love to pass on these simple ideas that go with the concept of the shirt: think outside the box!

so click here to order a shirt.

and if you want an idea of past curriculum of hero boot camp, click here, here, here, and here!