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love can go to new heights

when you embrace the journey you’re on with your sweetheart.

when you can laugh at what’s to come though the here-and-now seems stormy.

when you can tell him something special about who he is because you’re not all that caught up in yourself.

when you gaze at each other because ‘wow’ you’re on the same page!

when you plan a date night and go through with it because it matters more than any appointment on the calendar.

love can go deeper 

when you help each other out because it makes you both better.

when you hush a fight to admit your faults and work towards unity.

when you download a song to play for him at night because it just fits the two of you.

and it’s a song that inspires my valentine card this year.

cause they can write stories

they can sing songs

but they don’t make fairy tales 

sweet than ours

{lyrics by johhnyswim, we can take the world}

fairy tales are filled with drama, comedy, action, romance and adventure.

so is our love story. our marriage.

it’s not what it was when we were first introduced.

it’s not what i imagined. only better and harder and sweeter!

the seasons are filled with every element in any fairy tale.

so this song has become a favorite of mine and ben’s.

and i want to share it with you…

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15 years of marriage, a toaster, and a blanket


15 years? how can this be?

it seems like yesterday, he proposed to me.

but fill the years with children’s births and moves from there to here,

and throw in this busy season and that busier season,

and attempt to count the every day miracles and longings of the heart,

the months of waiting and the springs of joy.

the high ups and the down lows.

the memories etched in our senses, scrapbooks, and souls.

and 15 years knocks on the door of our marriage.

“come on in,” i say…


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happy new year, friends!

i’m so grateful for the stories we’ve shared in 2013 and am excited for what God has in store this year.

as i ask God, ‘what would You have me write?’, i am listing some of my favorite posts from the past year.

posts that i vividly recall writing in the late evenings with the lamp on and the kids in bed and those ‘ah-ha’ moments when i my hands could not type as fast as I wanted of them.


saddam’s story

why we love a child who lives far from us and at the same believing God has special plans for his life.

finding your sweet spot

you were created for something beautiful and sweet! are you living it? discover your sweet spot!

dear newlywed…a long overdue note

a letter to myself some thirteen years ago. a letter about marriage and life with my husband.

learning of our daughter

a post that documents our first learning of our daughter in india. we’re believing this is the year we will become her forever family.

i think of you as i write each post. i’m glad you meet me here. i’m asking God to speak creativity and His Words as this year begins…

i’d love for you to subscribe as i write you each wednesday and saturday. you can subscribe by entering your email address to the right and i’ll send you an email those two days. see you back here on saturday.

let’s enjoy the beginning of the new year today…

dear newlywed {a long overdue note}

dear newlywed,

it’s that day you dreamed of as a little girl buried in the closet of your mother’s heels, purses, and beads.

your day to dress in elegant white and envision your “happily ever after” beginning the second the back church doors open wide.

oh to get to this day that has required such plans and details and coordination. to think it’s heavenly bliss from here.

{not quite sure which fairy tale cloud you were in! oh yes. the one painted so whimsically in the storybooks.}

you told him on that day, thirteen years ago, and counting

that you would hold his hand from that moment on.

oh it seemed so simple to utter

such a promise, standing love-struck,

staring lost into the bluest of eyes,

feeling secure holding both his hands.

to hold his hand. to walk with him. to journey together with your faith in Christ central.

and in thirteen years of holding hands and doing life together and sharing the sweetest intimacy,

you wouldn’t believe me if i were to tell you where it’s taken you. but i’m going to try.

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