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ONE life to live {an only God story}

A tweet one Sunday afternoon, particularly caught Ben’s attention. He reached out to the writer and they met over coffee. {common to meet over coffee} Ben got to know Alan Clayton’s story.

Alan comes and goes across the pond between his homeland of Ireland, the United States, and Asia for business. {common} When he’s here in San Francisco, he comes to Epic.{becoming more common} He’s come over to our home for dinner. He’s a part of a small group. {Note: No matter how long or short your stay in a place, plug into a church community and small group.}

God was drawing Alan into our church community through Ben’s teachings, authentic hospitality, accessible worship, and the fellowship with others – his words. He left on Sundays ready to merge his faith and his work. He was experiencing the incredible way God infuses us with His Spirit –  to speak and live in a way that bridges our belief in God to our gifts and passions. For Alan, it was God using his passion of resourcing start-ups.

But this was what Alan was seeing God do on his work trips. What was happening back in Kinsale, Ireland? God was doing something significant in Alan’s heart towards his hometown. Kinsale was no longer a place where he lived only to consume its beauty and serenity and opportunities. It was becoming a place where he began to ask, “what can I give, rather than what can I take?”

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sweaty palms {an only God story}

wide open space. it felt good to see the kids take off in sprints. the park was absent of sidewalks and intersections and traffic. the soft ground was a comfort to our souls that were accustomed to concrete.

we’d only lived in san francisco for 10 months and our church plant was only weeks old. the city was still fresh and new and our family was experiencing many firsts.

wide open space clears the air as if more of it were present. we spotted another family who looked like they were at the park for the very same reason. little league baseball practice. it was the first so we were all a bit nervous to make new friendships and see what the season would hold. they’d spotted us as well and we all made our way across the meadow to say hello.

naturally, we paired off with the other family. ben talked to the man, our boys gravitated towards the kids, and i stretched out my hand to meet the woman. being the new folks and trying to start a church, we’d gotten used to making introductions of who we were and where we lived and where we had moved from. personally, i just hadn’t gotten used to articulating what we were doing in san francisco.

the easy part was over.

“hi, i’m shauna.”

“i’m stefanie.”

“that’s ben, and our boys, elijah, sam, and asher.” i pointed them out.

“my husband, scott, and our two, sydney, and nick.” she dd the same.

“so nick and elijah are on the cincinnati reds together!” we were happy to have common ground.

“i guess so.” she smiled. she was too.

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