What if we stood still on the first of the month and invited Jesus into our city?

What if we physically opened up our front doors and said aloud, “Jesus, You are most welcomed here?”

The purpose of this call to prayer is to simply, yet deliberately, welcome Jesus into our cities.

Onto our streets. Down the alleyways. Into the train stations.

Surrounding the hospital beds. Over the schools and universities. Into our churches and cul-de-sacs.

Throughout city hall and prison cells.

Into the broad spaces and down to the dark places. 

Will you join us?

It’s not a church that’s doing this or a ministry.

It’s City-dwellers. Citizens. Children.

All who believe with faith the size of a mustard seed.

Here’s how this all began…

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when in ireland

we might travel differently (backpacking, tour groups, overpacking, adventurous or staying close by) but we can all agree when we travel God gives us His world to enjoy!

i’ve been privileged to travel and see amazing places and so have others – to places i’ve been, to places i’ve yet to go. but coming all the way here opened my eyes to see that our stories, our truly best stories come from within. whether you’ve never left the farm or you’ve moved so much you’ve lost count, whether you’ve seen too much or seen too little, you’e seen enough to tell your story. so here, i’m telling my story. what i’ve seen when in…

when in ireland…


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my writing journey

well, she’s making friends. remembering their names. working on keeping that beautiful smile on. i love watching her at the end of the day on the playground or at home as she enters into an imaginative world with her imaginative friends. she seems really relaxed with “them” and she doesn’t have to be concerned with language or focus or presentation. she’s doing just fine!

i’m in two worlds as well. the marketing side of a book proposal and the adventurous side of developing characters and plot. i am having to work really hard at the marketing side,  but love it when i can just sit down with my characters and enter their world. one requires lots of stretching and research and focus. the other {for now, until i must edit} is SO MUCH FUN!

2012--June 7 Doug Jekyll - 03
so here’s where i’m starting and here’s what i’m using…

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scary beginnings

starting something is scary, but starting gets me somewhere and i’ve got somewhere i want to be!

this is my heart’s cry this fall. this school year. yes. that’s more like it. this school year.

because this time last year me and my beautiful daughter were looking at each other with blank stares. she, trying to learn english and her mama and numbers and calendars and clocks. and me, in way too many words, trying to explain to her english and family and values and truths.

well, we got through that. she accomplished more that we dreamed possible. and God was our Sustainer and gets the most credit. now, we’re looking in different directions!

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