going {what to know about your mission trip}

the outskirts of guadalajara, mexico.

the warehouses of hong kong.

the distant towns in alaska.

the trafficked girls in cambodia.

the church plants on the west coast.

the children of kampala, uganda.

the orphans in romania.

the students in china.

the athletes in south america.

going on a mission trip?

considering such an experience?

if you’ve been on a mission trip before, you can attest to the heart matter that you return home changed and hope, in some way, as to have made an impact. that’s part of the reason why you’re {going} or have gone.

shot records, visa application, packing list, emergency contact numbers are accounted for.

money has miraculously come in to fund the trip. your boss knows you’re off those days.

what else are you lacking?

an amazing team of people collectively have contributed thoughts and perspectives that i bring to you as you are {going}.


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trader joes

trader joes,

particularly the one near my house.

i know you are not expecting to hear back from me, but you should. and while i could keep these thoughts to myself, i know i’m not alone in my sentiments and like any good ole mother, processing-out-loud is good for the mind.

so i’m writing to tell you good job. and thank you. though you are a small store and your aisles have capacity for half my family, you welcome us anyway. there are moments totaling all of 4 seconds when we form a complete line, kind of like a train, and other shoppers can get around us. but again, that’s only 4 seconds of our 44 minutes in the store. on this particular day, the gentleman in scrubs waited for us to reform our “train” so he could go around. the black haired lady must have kids of her own because she gave me that ‘i know the feeling, sister,’ look.

but the best was the samples guy. and i use that description in the most adoring way. my kids love you. it’s typically hit or miss with the appetites of my children. they don’t like tofu or seaweed and turn their noses up to anything soupy. i, on the other hand, consider your food sample and communion size coffee cup a blessed treat. today was a win all the way around. pretzel bagels with cookie butter cream cheese. i know i just lost most of you there. because you are already grabbing the keys and headed to you nearby trader joes. and you should. my post will be here when you get back.

so this sample was amazing. and we clogged the entire area. because we are 4 kids and a mom and a shopping cart.

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marketplace {an annual gift to my city and our world}

i love Christmas.

and i love how we celebrate it in many merry different ways.

we re-imagine the past.

we soak up the lights, sounds, and the spirit of the present.

and as for me, i’m already in the season!

it’s been a tradition of mine since college days to start the season

october 25 by listening to Christmas music.

some of you are LOVING this idea and the rest of you are rolling your eyes.

we’ll all be on the same page by black friday or at the very latest Christmas eve with our holiday tunes!

an amazing discovery is quickly becoming a new favorite tradition though…

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space is limited and at a premium. we pay high dollar for rent and for a parking spot for 30 minutes.

we are an earbud society. we have them in whether we are listening to anything or not.

we see our neighbors often. our front doors open to each other. we share garages with them. we can reach out our kitchen window and shake hands.

we’re shifting around on public transit together. we give up our seats for the elderly and all have mixed feelings about strange and unusual things we encounter on the bus or the train.

our farmer’s markets are packed for good reason. chefs and citizens buying from farmers together.

we choose what neighborhood of the city we want to live in based on our lifestyle. the marina is full of single people. south of market seems to have a revolving door – people in and out. the dogpatch embellishes artists. north beach hosts italians and chinatown is self-explanatory.we chose our neighborhood because it’s family-friendly.

we wear flip flops to work and show up at 9 am-ish. we often set up office in the coffee shop or have team meetings in the park.

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