how we receive information.

how we dress.

how we communicate with each other.

what we know of health risks, healthy eating, and diets.

how we travel.


this is all shaped by the culture we live in.

culture shapes us.

we see the negative and positive affects with each passing year.

some of us use alarm clocks and wristwatches tell you the time.

cell phones by the bedside and in the back pocket tell others the time.

some of us have groceries & diapers delivered. others of us make the trek to large-mart to stock up.

culture shapes us.

culture is our civilization. it’s characteristics of where and how we live. there’s an American culture. there’s an east coast culture. there’s a “name your town” culture. there’s a culture at the school you attend. the places you work. there’s a culture even in your home.

Let’s back up and see the bigger picture:

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wind hits perfectly along the face


under the canopy of the safari boat.


am i really on the nile?


the nile for moses?

the nile for the israelites?

the sun heats up on the skin exposed.

i’ll choose to rest under the canopy.


out of the water appears one hippo after another.


warthogs skip along the bush path.


two impala look at us as we look back at them.

but wait…

what’s that ahead?

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saddam {it’s more than a sponsorship}

my feet dangle from the exam table. my head bent down as i wait for the doctor to change the packing in the wound on my back. i stare at the hardwood floor. then the modern curtain and the scale in the corner of the room. the ac is running on a warm day like today.

i’ve just returned from uganda. i got a bug bite that needed to be drained and was put on an antibiotic during the process so infection would not set in. after seven days into the medication – fever, nausea, shakes, chills, and rash took over me. a medical team at the hospital, including a tropical disease doctor, worked around the clock to gather blood work, monitor my heart, check my vital signs, and give me plenty of fluids. i would press a button and a nurse would come to bring a cold cloth or refresh my cup of water. the technician ran a clean ship with her slip covers on everything that touched me. no germs. no way. as a i looked to my right out of the hospital window, i waited for the sun to set or the fog to take over. tests were being run to see if i had malaria, a parasite, dengue fever. with only the beeping sounds of medical machines and the heavy breathing of my roommate, i laid in silence. the tears left my eyes, making a trail to my ears. i was thinking of only one thing. saddam.


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seize {the opportunity with compassion}

and amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, “we have seen extraordinary things today.”  Luke 5.26

me and 18 others from san francisco left with open and willing hearts and returned home forever changed.

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