Merry Christmas! greetings from our home in beautiful and wet san francisco. i can think of no better place to write than right here to you.

when we moved to the city by the bay four years ago to plant EPIC Church, God did not give us a storybook of what life would be like here. and i’m glad. to see an event, a series of moments, crazy obstacles come to light on planet earth…it’s very clear that saying yes to God grows bravery, a sense of purpose and a heaping dose of attempting the impossible.


EPIC Church moved into a new space with a 10 year lease on october 12! this 10 year lease ends exactly on our oldest’s 21st birthday! {that’s a crazy thought} our faith community continues to grow with attendance lately averaging 465. EPIC is  family church in the midst of a highly financial and influential part of the city. we hired our first family pastor and have had at least 15 babies born in 2014! dear and new friends are coming to faith in Christ and we have celebrated 24 people get baptized. we are linking arms with ministries around the globe as we seek to raise $100,000 through our HOPE Project this year. i love that our young church sees beyond the walls of our church, along the streets of our city, into the visions of other church plants, and across the waters into ghana and romania.


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fairmont christmas tree

these two cousins.

these two girls.

an unexpected journey for both.

Elizabeth and Mary.

one was barren, yet now pregnant. one was a virgin, yet now pregnant.


Mary asked the question, “how can this be?”

God doesn’t always answer the how question.

He does often talk about Himself instead.

I will be with you.

I will never leave you.

I am your Prince of Peace.

I am your Wonderful Counselor.

I will be your Guide when you pass through the waters. 

I will overshadow you.

He’s in the business of overshadowing, not over-answering. 


when the angel confronted Mary in that moment, through the Most High,

God gave Mary two gifts:

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do you remember this past year when we sat denied for 7 months?

where from january until july we wondered and waited?

we hoped and prayed?

we wrote appeal letters.

our agency contacted officials every two weeks in hopes for a positive update.


silence continued.

then more silence.

would we lose K?

was there anything else we could do from so afar away?

then in july, we learned that an advocate was willing to go before officials and plead our case.

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K’s story is being told.

told through the art of jewelry.

jewelry made by women in her country.

all because a family who adopted from K’s orphanage is wanting to do so much more!

Loft 218 is a ministry to the “Least Of These” in India -

orphans, widows, and human trafficking victims.




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