how do you make the most of the Christmas season?
how do you authentically embrace one of the two most celebrated events in the Christian faith that have such secular traditions?
 i’ve thought for years you can still have
 it all for your children.
that santa, frosty, and baby Jesus
 could all be unpacked from the Christmas bins below the bed
and put in their decorated place for a month.
one always is elevated.
one always is more talked about.
one always is more celebrated.
one always gets more glory.
but the magic and wonder and Christmas spirit that seem to unfold as the lights and ornaments are hung on the tree…
i have learned (as a parent) that all of this goes right back into the boxes as the new year begins. that unpacking tradition and memories are sentimental, but only reflect the past.
how can i expect our children to embrace what is 
and what is to come? 
how can we welcome in the Christmas season with joy and celebration that embed peace in our hearts 
and hope for the future? 

we make a big deal about turning ten.

we create an entire weekend to celebrate this life moment.

what’s not to celebrate about using all ten fingers and watching your child slowly quickly approach the doors into tween-dom?

at least in our home, i see the ten year old with so much childhood left in him, yet eyes on the world around him that he’s learning to figure out and put together.

and we want to be the ones to whom he bounces off his ideas.
we want to hear about his curiosities and help him discover this world with a strong foundation and a clear identity.

so before peers and public education and our culture start to speak even louder, we give him a foundation that is solid and true.

it’s one we’ve been building for him for years, but this weekend is strictly intentional.

we use the curriculum passport to purity and make it our own.

so you know where we’re headed with this as parents.

we are giving “the talk” or whatever your parents called it!

but it’s cushioned with…

24 hours with mom/dad (sons go with dad, daughter goes with mom)

nice dinner date with the other parent

10 guys of influence come over for special blessings dinner

a special gift

cards from friends and family that i requested a month in advance

and since this is our second time around, he knows what’s coming

and he’s been counting down the days for days!

here it is in a nutshell and it can be reproduced so easily…

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does my light matter?

November 8, 2015 — 2 Comments

this little light of mine.

i’m going to let it shine.

let it shine. let it shine. let it shine.

harry dixon loes composed this song based on this passage in the Bible:  “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)


in comparison to this great big world {and it’s just getting bigger and i’m just getting smaller the older i become} my light seems minuscule. but i am finding comfort that it is seen and it is seen by the Spirit of the Living God. and that’s a truth for every breathing human being.

so does my light matter?

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2015 marketplace

November 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

Marketplace logo

it is simply festively fun!

you’re invited to the

3rd annual marketplace

a local and global holiday experience

saturday afternoon from 2-5

november 14

my home at 126 cayuga avenue, san francisco.

{glen park BART stop. plenty of street parking on Still Street}

9 local artists will have their treasures on display
all throughout our home
for you to purchase.
and every purchase has a cause.
a cause that betters our world. our city.
for the hope and peace and health of all.
here’s the list of local vendors and their causes:

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