lickity split

that’s how fast it can happen. i’m talking massive life change. at least for my little tribe of three, anyway.

one moment, we’re five years into a beautiful life in our beloved city by the bay. we’re thriving more than we probably ever have. we’ve got a church family that supports and challenges us, killer jobs as a Googler (moi) and a professional soccer player (mon amour), a newborn nugget who wins the very objective award for ‘cutest baby on the planet’, heaps of amazing friends to do life with, and more avenues for adventure than we can count. i’m two months into an all-too-generous maternity leave that just so happens to align with my husband’s two-month offseason. we’re in hawaii celebrating a friend’s wedding. we’re whale-watching on a catamaran in the pacific. we have yummy drinks. life. is. good.

that’s when we get the call.

lickity. split.

my husband’s been traded to a team in denver, colorado. he needs to be there in one week.

um… what?

we’ve always known this could happen. it comes with the territory. in fact, this isn’t the first time. back in 2010, my husband was traded from his very first team (in toronto) to our current team here in san jose. with just seven days to move from the right coast of one country to the left coast of another, that transition had its’ own share of challenges too.

but this time is different.

we’re older. lots of life has happened here in the bay area.

we don’t want to leave.

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for over seven years now, my pen pal and i have written one another handwritten notes. all because we were in a Bible study together and she sought me out.

while her address has stayed the same, mine has change six times. bless her!

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“where did i put my coffee cup?”

“i just had it.”

“oh there it is! silly me!”


“now…why did i come into the kitchen?”

“i can’t remember…”


“i needed to have been there 5 minutes ago!”


“why can’t i have one happy thought today? just one!”


our minds are always running.

multi-tasking. overloading.

cramming information in.

where do we store peace?

how do we clear our minds?

what will help my focus?

how can i ban these depressive thoughts?

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tidbit tuesdays {vol. 2}

September 29, 2015 — 5 Comments

a midday conversation with my 7 year old…


me: asher, i think you’re gonna be taller than me when you are in high school.

asher gives me a look of shock.

me: you’re legs are already so long and you’re just 7.

asher: well, of course, i am, mom.

me: what did you just suddenly figure out?

asher: you’ll be bent over with your cane.

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