how do you make the most of the Christmas season?
how do you authentically embrace one of the two most celebrated events in the Christian faith that have such secular traditions?
 i’ve thought for years you can still have
 it all for your children.
that santa, frosty, and baby Jesus
 could all be unpacked from the Christmas bins below the bed
and put in their decorated place for a month.
one always is elevated.
one always is more talked about.
one always is more celebrated.
one always gets more glory.
but the magic and wonder and Christmas spirit that seem to unfold as the lights and ornaments are hung on the tree…
i have learned (as a parent) that all of this goes right back into the boxes as the new year begins. that unpacking tradition and memories are sentimental, but only reflect the past.
how can i expect our children to embrace what is 
and what is to come? 
how can we welcome in the Christmas season with joy and celebration that embed peace in our hearts 
and hope for the future? 

re-centering retreat

November 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

 either i need a break from all of you and all of it or maybe everything needs a break from me!

i recently retreated for some solitude and re-centering.

it was just as glamorous and as quiet as it sounds.

and i was only 2 hours away for 2 nights and 2 determinations -

to seek solitude {to be quiet for a while and let God}

to re-center on what’s important.

 heavenly, right?

you’re already seeing the roadblock.

and yes, the hardest part is carrying it out.

but like a kindred spirit speaks to me,

you CAN get away for a retreat. don’t tell me you can’t. 

i know. it requires husband or friend keeping the kids.

it requires money.

it requires calendaring.

 do a kid swap for a friend who can retreat as well.

save that coffee money, or mani/pedi money, or birthday money, or bonus check.

my kindred spirit is telling you the same thing…you can retreat. don’t tell me you can’t.



here’s how i retreated:

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crazy believing

November 12, 2014 — 3 Comments

  you poured out generosity to a girl you’ve yet to meet, but have faithfully prayed.


you gifted us in tangible ways in which to clothe her,

to teach her,

to bless her caregivers,

to keep her warm,

to read to her,

to adorn her wrists and her walls,

to help us travel to bring her home,

and to feed us when we’re jet-lagged and love-struck.

for all of this and so much more, we say thank you.




we’re crazy in what we’re believing God for.

i mean crazy.

wanna believe God with us for the miraculous yet again?

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IMG_0410 - Version 2



yes, an update indeed!

i was crying so hysterical when i saw it with my eyes and tried to tell ben through the

inhaling and


and blubbering.

we’re in court!

our names are on the website!

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