5 year slideshow

February 13, 2016 — Leave a comment

Epic Church is 5 years old today!

and we’re celebrating today through next Sunday, February 21!

A birth that began with God that He has entrusted us with.

each milestone

each person

every story

every space

echoes only God.

what has been an only God moment for you because of Epic Church?

valentine giveaway

January 31, 2016 — 3 Comments


love can go to new heights

when you embrace the journey you’re on with your sweetheart.

when you can laugh at what’s to come though the here-and-now seems stormy.

when you can tell him something special about who he is because you’re not all that caught up in yourself.

when you gaze at each other because ‘wow’ you’re on the same page!

when you plan a date night and go through with it because it matters more than any appointment on the calendar.

love can go deeper 

when you help each other out because it makes you both better.

when you hush a fight to admit your faults and work towards unity.

when you download a song to play for him at night because it just fits the two of you.

and it’s a song that inspires my valentine card this year.

cause they can write stories

they can sing songs

but they don’t make fairy tales 

sweet than ours

{lyrics by johhnyswim, we can take the world}

fairy tales are filled with drama, comedy, action, romance and adventure.

so is our love story. our marriage.

it’s not what it was when we were first introduced.

it’s not what i imagined. only better and harder and sweeter!

the seasons are filled with every element in any fairy tale.

so this song has become a favorite of mine and ben’s.

and i want to share it with you…

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what do you do with Christmas cards?

nieces and nephews.

friends from far away.

college friends.

neighbors who just moved in.

their cards have come to you.

telling you their year in review.

what’s to become of them

when you’ve oohed and aahed over how they’ve grown

and stand in awe of what the year has shown?

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i’m a word girl. it’s how i think. i use words. my biggest cheerleader would say i use lots of them to say a few things! i’m okay with that.

so it was very typical of me to start off on a fresh journal page with lots of words. in a list. running straight down the page. you too?

then i tried to categorize them.

books to read.

people to learn from and invest in.

writing dreams.

health goals.

new things to try.

spiritual disciplines.

i gave myself a disgusted look. {that’s me with a wrinkled up nose.} i’ve been to this very place a bunch of times. i got up from the bed and stretched. then i looked back at my list and a gush of wise words i had read recently came upon me.

life is way too precious to spend it pretending like we’re super cool and totally in control when we could be laughing, singing, and dancing. – brene brown

i drew a big bubble cloud shaped thingy in the bottom right corner of the journal page.

i wrote 3 goals. and i’m going to pack much into these 3 goals this year.

and if i get these 3 right, i really believe i’ll be the most alive and live the most fulfilled year thus far. maybe me sharing my 3 simple packed goals will help you as well.

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