it’s where they call home for now. {the A}

6 girls + 1 boy = 7 children waiting daily for their momma and daddy to come and get them. {the 7}

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and there are so many more, but i know these 7 by name and call their moms my friends.

all 7 of these children know our faces and know we are coming. half live in one orphanage, the others live in another. both orphanages are less than 10 miles from each other.

all 7 cases were filed in court last november and december and have experienced a number of setbacks in court alone.

but rather focus on the setbacks, my mind is focused on what’s before us.

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these setbacks feel like it goes back to her feet. back to the start.

but i’m not distraught. i’m {by the amazing grace of God}…

hopeful still.

this is about as factual as i can write as news has traveled across waters today.

we are certain we had a hearing on january 29. we were supposed to have another one on february 7 and learned that our judge was no longer on the docket. we only waited one week before we were reassigned another judge {H.I.B.}

on february 12, while we initially thought it was a hearing date, it was instead a meeting where we we were given the next court date – march 26. we worked from our end to get an earlier court date and were told we would have a hearing on march 3.

since the first of march, we have learned that while judge H.I.B. has been promoted to our court, she has not been trained for adoption cases, though all the adoption cases sat in her court. her training wasn’t complete by march 3 so there was no hearing. it’s not completed now, so there will be no hearing on march 26.

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ella’s valentine card for k



at age 5, she started writing k a book.

her and her momma are creative that way.

her momma was not sure what prompted it.

ella said she wanted to say this in the book to k, “i hope you have a great flight.”

next, ella drew a picture of k, asher, sam, jad {ella’s brother} and herself on the playground.

ella told her mom that the dress k had on at the playground was beautiful and was not one of the three that she wore at the orphanage.

 this red dress was new!

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it’s the really fun part of parenting. when they dream and you get a glimpse of their future.

scary sometimes, i know.

their dreaming may come out in words, but often the best dream-catchers {that’s you and me} see it when they are alive in play and imagination.

IMG_3926 IMG_3927 IMG_3928

{even at walmart. which, in our reality, is once a year!}

one of our kids dreams and breathes simultaneously. it usually requires multiple items from the recycling bin and an office supply from target. but it’s recently gone to a whole ‘nother level. at the prime age of 9.


we’re talking business cards. brochure. and a babysitter who made him a logo.

take a glimpse into his very own written words for his business, Sam’s Ideas:

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