you think about it, play it out in your mind, exactly how you imagine it will go. the day you meet each other. the day she is delivered into your care. this practice keeps you sane in the waiting. this “escape into the land of adoption” holds you up above the mundane of paperwork and no email updates. it gives you something to look forward to, for it’s the only “tangible” you’ve got since you cannot reach her across the waters.

for this is how i labored long before i delivered.

like any other labor and delivery story, no two are the same.

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it’s been clear to me since the afternoon we were all six inside our home, that her heart had been prepared for God for this.

to fit right in.

to become one of us.

to be where she belongs.

i’ve said in a chapter before that kavita was given our family photo book in january 2014 and would look at it every morning. then she would tuck it away in her school backpack. though she couldn’t read our words or our names, she knew our faces very well. 18 months well.

i thank God so much for this. that she had access to our pictures while we had access to hers. we were memorizing each other long before we could touch each other.


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it’s how the kid’s tee comes packaged.

stamped made well.

international paper to get you thinking.


outside the box.

while you’re the one placing the order,

there’s something just for the kid.

because that’s what mine would want.

a treat like i used to get from a cracker jack box or box of cereal.




and not just a goodie you’d find in the toy aisle or for a gallon of tickets at chuck e. cheese,

but something that makes them think…

what could i do with this?

what if this is the only toy i had?

who could i celebrate?

how can i share this with others?



all in an effort to teach our kids {and well, us too} to think outside the box!






but i’m not stopping there. that would be “inside the box” thinking.

i do hero boot camp with my kiddos each summer.

an extremely simple and homemade intentional time with them where no one else is required to entertain and they get me with all the fun i can muster up.

because, really, that’s what you want for you kids. a childhood where mom or dad were present.

so i’m almost done writing it and will be giving the 3 day curriculum away to those who are “thinking outside the box” and have purchased a kid’s tee. so, if you have already, no sweat. it will land in your email inbox shortly! if you haven’t purchased a shirt yet, there’s still all sizes available. i’d love to pass on these simple ideas that go with the concept of the shirt: think outside the box!

so click here to order a shirt.

and if you want an idea of past curriculum of hero boot camp, click here, here, here, and here!


thank you in advance for giving so much life back to the women in india.

thank you for supporting this practice of teaching this young generation to think outside the box!

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each listing is by size so pay close attention.

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