she loves to laugh.

helps with meals and cleans up. immediately.

first 5 nights at home, slept on pallet in the family room with her 3 brothers.

gets tickled to watch me shuffle the uno cards when we play.

we certainly thought the climate in cool san francisco would be a shock to her hot climate culture, but oh no. she’s got no need for even a jacket so far. hot natured girl.

we’ve given her 2 children’s books in gujarati and she loves to read them to us.

she holds close to her photos of her friends back at the orphanage.

she says all of our names frequent and well.

she eats everything we are eating though we are making her special dishes we ate in india!

she says, “sorry.”

“thank you.”


we’re pretty sure she understands more than she says in english and we’re in awe that it’s just been a week!


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chapter 18 {encore}

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we’re home. and home has never felt so good!

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this child has been covered longer than we have known her.

her heavenly Father has never taken His eyes off of her.

ben and i have voiced a time or two the past few days that we have not been able to process all that we have touched and witnessed in the flesh, but we are in awe that this is real.

last june we were denied.

this june we are united.

she’s all covered.

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