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seriously. it’s all faith at this point.

but it’s really been true this whole journey.

we’ve reached out to the other side of the world and

while our webpage still says court date 3.26

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it was a quick slip into a pit of sadness at 3 pm on saturday.

i don’t understand or have the fluffy words i once had. i’ve sang songs for decades that declare that God is good and sovereign and I’ve been sitting in the pit wrestling with God over the truth of WHO HE is and if i can still believe it.

if He is a circumstantial God then He has disappointed me.

He would have been good on wednesday when we had an upcoming court date and I’d be mad at Him on friday because the court date now says march 26. if He is a circumstantial God then He forgot to show up in egypt when 21 Jesus cross followers lost their heads for His sake or when a motocyclist on a clear Sunday afternoon was hit head on along the coast of california. or in His love, He would have stopped this.

but God is not a circumstantial God.

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2.11.14 {an adoption update}

February 11, 2015 — 11 Comments


IMG_0410 - Version 4

“I know that you {GOD} can do all things,
and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” {Job 42.2}

praise God.

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it’s not what we were hoping for at all.

it so contradicts what we have been begging God for all week.

we woke friday to see that our judge and lawyer had no cases on saturday, though our page said we still had a hearing.

then saturday the website showed us more dooming news.

it’s worse than not having a hearing on saturday.

we are back in the holding tank, court 36.

the place we have been from november through january 29.

and it was this date a year ago {february 7.2014} when we received the denial of k.

it’s as if the chains have been put back on all of us, including k,

while we were just about to taste freedom.

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