1011hi there! welcome to the place where we discover how to live out the Gospel in the places we call home.

for me, my roots can be found in texas, georgia, louisiana, alabama, missouri, and california. there’s no mistaken on my journey, that if i’ve lived there, i made “home” as quick as possible to feel settled and sane. i’ve tried to leave a part of me in each place as my roots are uprooted, a part of me that left impact. though not always the story. each home contributes to the next home. suburbia feels normal until city living becomes the new normal.

wherever you live…

wherever you are on the faith journey…

i am discovering right along with you how to weave together faith and home. I am sharing my story with each post, each page full of purpose and influence. all so that you will pick up the story God is writing for your life and live it out too!




home for me is san francisco. home is with ben and our 3 boys and beautifully adopted indian daughter. home is planting a church here. home is not getting bogged down in expectations, but figuring out how to practically live each season with influence and through the eyes of God.

i’m on the flourish writing team, an equipping community for ministry wives. i’ve written a  modern medieval  fairy tale, The Same Page: Living Your Happily Ever After, with my friend and world changer, Courtney Bullard. i’ve written an ebook for the Send Network called Live Sent: 31 Days in the City. it’s a memoir of how we learned to love our city and a practical outline for you to do the same.  we spent three years on the adoption journey to india and back. we sponsor a girl in zambia through world vision. we sponsor a boy in uganda through compassion international. i blog for compassion. i lead discussions and create intentional conversations with women in our city, helping us see that we matter and can make a difference now.




writing is a joy. it’s an overflow of my heart. i write about many things, but i all comes full circle to living with intentionality and purpose.  to save you a step and to add to your inbox, i invite you to subscribe to my posts via RSS or email. i also let my friends and followers know when i’ve posted and what it’s about. i’m shauna malcom pilgreen on facebook and shaunapilgreen on twitter and shaunapilgreen on instagram. plain and simple.

i write on parenting, adoption, marriage, city life, and church planting. if it doesn’t fit a category, it fits under stories because all of life is one anyway. i write simple and with words that flow from a learning, grateful, yet stubborn heart. i’m not waiting until the kids get older or life to get easier to write. my posts are written in the “thick of it.” that’s where growth and change happen the most.


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these posts give you a little more insight into my story…

school {an investment} we are a public school family investing in our school community in the city. why every day is important and what you and your kids do matter.

saddam {it’s more than a sponsorship} why we love a child who lives far from us and at the same believing God has special plans for his life.

memorizing {a spiritual discipline} if there’s one thing i want to do well is having a wealth of His Scriptures, His promises hidden in my heart that rise to my heart at a moment’s notice. how i’m practicing this discipline of memorizing and the system i use.

leaning of our daughter a post that documents our first learning of our daughter in india.

IMG_2910 Redwoods Zip tour

if i might add…

i’m a pastor’s kid. lived my childhood in camilla, georgia. i love experiencing all 4 seasons of the year. i’m emotionally nostalgic by storing memories and reliving them out of pure joy. i think jekyll island, georgia is the best little island in the world. i’d travel anywhere with my husband and we’re attempting it as often as we can. i’m learning to love taking risks a.k.a. big steps of faith. i get a thrill out of ziplining. in my nostalgic state of mind, i’d be anne of green gables. if today were my last day to live, i’d live it right where i am and love and give every bit of me to everyone around me.