spectacular? the answer is in the eye of the receiver.

practical? a resounding yes.

purposeful? these printables wouldn’t be here if not.

i’ve used them in small group. in accountability. in discipleship. in our family unit.

not rocket science, but want you to be equipped to live out the Gospel in the places you call home.

marriage accountability questions

marriage accountability questions

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scavenger hunt {fitting for any community}

scavenger hunt- rediscover your city

san francisco neighborhood color sheet

SF neighborhood color sheet

a 30 day prayer guide for short-term mission experiences

going prayer guide

hero boot camp curriculum

4.0 curriculum-just another day in the kingdom

iron on transfer: just another day in the kingdom

family playbook

Pilgreen playbook fall 2014

30 something Scriptures that helped this momma’s days

Mother’s Scriptures

prayers for India

prayer guide for india

peda recipe for Diwali

diwali sweet recipe

bare.foot.prayers {Scriptures in the waiting}

barefoot prayers

delicious non-chocolate cookie recipe

orange-ricotta softies

a treat involving the kids

bea’s banana cake

sons and daughters {prayers over them}

sons and daughters

praying Scriptures in each room of your home

His Word in your home